Dead by Daylight – Chucky Build Tips

Tips for Chucky Builds

First Build Tips

He’s pretty straight-forward.

If you’ve never tried him with A Nurse’s Calling, you gotta. Great for jump-scares, and combos well with his Straight Razor addon.

The full build I’ve been running on him is: Nurse’s / Thanatophobia / Dissolution / Overcharge with his Razor and either of his iri addons…

Personally, I prefer the amulet.

Second Build Tips

You can play him with Stealth perks and Disturbing.

After hooking someone, try to walk as central to various Gens as possible then activate Hidey-Ho.

That way Survivors sometimes panic when youre not even coming for them and the fact that they just heard the Terrorradius helps against those not easily startled aswell.

If you still used Gen Perks you would use Dead Mans Switch aswell.

His Sprint is pretty good but mostly linear, you can curve at the end a bit but not a lot. Curving can lead to a good handful hits thought.

As a direct advice I would say dont just use his Power for Sprinting only, ive seen a few do that. Use it to stealth aswell, especially since using M1 during the Stealth doesnt deactivate it so you can follow up with a Sprint if you still have time.

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