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Tips for Ptera Nutrition

Not a lot of people like new recent change because as you have experienced yourself a Ptera barely gets any food at all from them and even for “experienced” players it takes ages to fill up your diets and hunger with fish.

Unfortunately Crab and Turtle spawns are also kind of on vacation still so they are not viable alternatives either.

My tips for Ptera players is to first when you spawn in fly around a bit looking for things to scavenge while keeping and ear out for froggies. If you find a frog kill it and take some distance from it, when/if the murder birds spawn and gather near the body you rush in and kill as many of them as you can. If they start flying you either use a big rock or tree as cover to pick them off when they crash or start flying until they get tired of you and goes away.

That should hopefully leave you with a frog and some dead birds, all of these are on your diet and combined with your starting dot diet gives you the +50% growth rate buff.

Then you either keep flying around looking for things to scavenge or you fish every now and then to keep your dot diet and hunger from dropping too low.

By the time your S and Line nutrients are about to decay you should be fully grown or close to it, depends on how long it took you to start that diet. Being fully grown gives you more freedom in how to get any diet that you want but I suggest that fishing stays as more of a emergency reserve food.

Look instead for dead or weak players that you can kill, lungs are a good source of the dot nutrient instead of fish or you could go more with the Line diets for better NV. Even just 1 dot nutrient gives you 10% stamina buffs so using fish to keep that is kinda easy while you can fill up the other 2 slots with Lines which are much easier to get hold of.

When fishing and you catch a fish you should cling to a wall/rock/tree instead of landing since you can eat the fish when you are clinging and then take off with 0 stamina cost.

I use custom keybinds so will explain with the actions rather than keys..

Clinging = fly towards the target, use the key to slow down your flight, hold secondary attack (I know this one, mouse2!) and the “slow down” button… Z?

If you are flying slow enough while holding both Z and mouse2 when you touch the tree or whatever you will cling to it. Eat the fish, then just jump off and you are flying again but it uses 0 stamina for the jump.

Its very useful to fish a lot in a short/er amount of time since you do not waste nearly as much stamina and resting time to get it back compared to if you land every time you get a fish.

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