Dead by Daylight – Tips to Improve Your Experience (Solo Q Players)

So i played the game on and off since release and am accustomed to playing solo q. I’ll try to give some general advice on how to play solo q. You may already know some of this stuff, maybe you find something new and applicable.

Useful Solo Q Player Tips

Making Generators

When starting Generators it is generally fine to start the one wich is closest to you. But dont autopilot to the next one as soon as it is done. You want to consider going for the ones in the bad positions first, like the middle of the map to prevent a 3 or 4 gen for the late game and have the last gens spread out, so it is harder for the Killer later on. If you are on second hook state you wanna do the safest gens instead.

Don’t be too afraid

You are working on a gen with a mate and the Killer hits you. Dont run away blindly. You want to keep an eye on the Killer If he starts to chase your mate immediatly after you can continue working on the gen or follow them for a potential sabo, flashlight, unhook, pallet safe. The same applies to healing, When you are unhooked you dont always need to run to the most far away corner of the map, sometimes you can heal under hook or just go to the nearest cover.

Keep an eye for unhooks

We stated one example where you follow the Killer. But dont unhook immediatly in the Killers face. It is generally better to wait until he went somewhere else and then unhook. If someone far away gets hooked you want to continue working on your gen and keep an eye on the hooked surv status. He doesnt get unhooked for a while? Depending on your Gen progress you want to finish your gen first and then safe or stop working on it after a while and rescue before second hook state kicks in. The surv gets rescued? In this case you are generally good to work on gens. You already have altruistic teammates who go for unhooks? That doesnt apply if the other survivors who are not hooked are injured. In this case its your turn again.

Also: Dont just farm your mates by unhooking and then sneaking away. Normally you want to heal under hook or follow the unhooked mate behind the next cover. If it is one of those persons who run across the whole map into the most far away corner after unhooking dont follow, you can use your time better than run a marathon across the whole map.

Beating campers when Solo q

If you see that the Killer is a camper you are best advised to do Gens during the first hook.
Team up with someone by holding shift w and get as much gen progress as possible. If the second hook stage gets close press the button for the “follow me” gesture and go to hook You want to go to the hook with two persons, one stays at gens. One person than has to tank a hit and then run while the other unhooks. This way the Killer only has bad otions. chase after a new surv with 0 hook states. Or the hooked one who can now take two hits and there is a third person to bodyblock.

So the Killer has to spread his hooks or go on a long chase wich is no good. This way you keep the Killers pressure as low as possible while continously applying more yourself. It is also very important to keep track of the hook states. You want to take turns on the hooks, so the Killer gets no Kills. With thwe help of the hook states you also determine who does what. You were hooked first or are on your second hook stage? you go for gens.

You werent hooked yet? Its your turn to go for the unhook and maybe take the hook. depending on if the mate who goes with you to unhook was already hooked or not.

In the end game you want to open or 99% both exit gates before going for unhook or heal on a slugged surv so you can split up and leave after rescuing your mate.

Time management

First of all the faster you get gens done the more pressure you have on the Killer. If the Killer sees you you gotta try to loop him as long as possible. Dont leave tile structures too early. If you stunned the Killer with a pallet run through the next one without dropping it. The Killer most likely will stand there respecting it. Congrats. You now gained distance and bought more time. On top of that you now created a mindgame the Killer has to respect. If the Killer doesnt respect the second pallet you adapt accordingly and instead stun him next time or go for window vaults. Exhaustion Perks usually help with that for they prolong chases.

Be in the right place at the right time

But how to do that? If you follow points 1-3 you are already doing good in this aspect. Another thing that helps is Aura reading. If you want to go for sabotage or flashlight saves you want perks like bond or empathy. You see another surv get injured and move your butt there and act accordingly. Even though the range is smaller i prefer bond for that because not only are the targets in a range that allows you to act succefully but you can also find someone else to heal you if you`ve taken a protection hit while sabotaging or whenever needed.

Empathy is also fine, especially if you wanna go for heals.

If you run a build with no aura reading and a free choice for an item you can go for a Key with the Addon that reveals the obsessions aura.

It is immensly powerful! It costs 0 charges, is active at all times so you can use it on a 5 second charge puple key with the addon that you dont lose the key upon death, or on a green one. With this permanent wallhack you can always do gens together help in chases if need be, heal and it generally helps to know what to do and when to do it.

If you don’t trust your mates, buff your team

Sounds contradictory but it is true. Dont trust your mates to unhook you? Run Kindred, its one of the greatest solo perks out there. If your team is able to see each other and the Killer when nearby, it allows your mates to see if the Killer is a camper or not and it allows them to go for the unhook with the appropiate number of players. Also people are far more likely to go for altruistic plays if they know what is happening on the map.

Pay attention to other chases

If you see someone freshly injured or in a fresh chase pay attention to how long it takes until the survivor goes down. Does the survivor run the Killer and you are able to finish your gen in the time? The the survivor is a good looper and you can take more time with your next gen if you are working one the moment they are in the next chase. They go down quickly? Be ready for an unhook and maybe try to be the one who runs the Killer next time yourself. All in all this point is an addition to number 6.

Look for Synergys

Another obvious one. I just wanna give you a quick rundown on some synergys.

Key: Brown hatch offering, any build that isnt dependent on items, anytime you want to go for coop actions with the above mentioned Key combo; Hatch offering.

Medkit: Any Healer build, a Sabo build cause you gonna take protection hits and with this you are not reliant on mates to heal you, any survival based build, any chase oriented build to heal the potential damage from chase after getting away; Hook offering, spawn offering

Toolbox: good for a team based build with streetwise and doing gens, sabo build where you heal with selfcare/bond/boon. Any heal build so you can sabo and heal the protection hits; Hook offering, spawn offering

Flashlight: Good on stealth builds to get away after blinding the Killer, any chase oriented build for blinding and wasting the Killers time by creating huge distance after blind, healer build to heal the mates you just saved with your flashlight

Map: Any gen focused build, setting markers can help mates find gens or you to heal you; Fog offering.

Stay positive

Of course these tips can’t circumvent all issues like afk, an early dc or spawning right next to killer and being bad in chase but I had many rounds where people were like ” awesome team-(mates)”, many clutch moments, many 3 0r 4 people escapes with rescuing mates or being rescued in endgame collapse, most bloodpoints. Sometimes it even looks like swf even though there is just good solo play happening. You cant win every game but you can be a good team mate and also reach Rank 1 as a little bonus on top. Aknowledging the Killers skill like good mindgames also helps not getting salty. Dont get mad and give credit where credit is due and dont stress yourself too much in a game where you can “pause” by hiding in a locker, get your pizza at the door and the return contiue playing. Try answering the door as Killer.

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