Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Beat Auntie Ethel (The Hag Boss)

Tips to Deal with Auntie Ethel

Top Tips

  • There’s a cantrip or L1 spell that creates water/rain. It’s super handy for putting out the fire in the prisoner’s cage, which buys you more time.
  • Spray your magic missiles to quickly eliminate which Hags are real vs. fake.
  • If all else fails: you can shove her to her death, but no loot for you if you win that way.


I decided to go and save the girl and kill the hag in the process. Oh boy, she is rough.

Some tips for those who decide to do it under level 5:

  1. After i killed her group outside of house i drink from the well. it added 10hp to each of my heroes.
  2. Do not wear mask near the tree entrance. You can just pass through it. It is fake door.
  3. Disable traps and have healing before going into hag lair.
  4. You must have alot of magic to deal with her copies.
  5. Make sure you lower the cage as soon as u can to save girl.
  6. You must have a healer in your party and alot of magic missiles or some form of range magic or arrows.

She does the copy things x2 times. And 1 time copy into the girl.

I was able to lower her to under 10hp so she gave me an option, still choose to kill her after couldnt do roll to get both rewards.

And ending to this verison of the quest i leave to you. It is nasty ending, I have a feeling you might see her again.

If You Do Not Kill Her

Once you get the fight down its not difficult. I would suggest not killing her though. once she gets low enough she’ll start a dialog with one of the characters and she’ll offer you a +1 to any stat you want.

Easy way to prep the fight, If you have a spell like Magic Missile you can break the clones really easily. When she disguises herself as the girl you can check their stats and the Hag will have a higher AC. So you can just attack that one. If you don’t want to do that since its kinda cheesy you can wait for her to attack because she will attack in that form. So then you can just retaliate.

Make sure you keep the girl alive through the whole fight. She wont attack her so the best bet is to either put out the fire or release her from the cage. You can do that by dashing up there first turn or using something like Misty step.

If You have a Druid in your party Moon beam becomes premium since it deals damage on turn and when they enter the beam so you can drop it on a clone and break them regardless if they save or not. Wizards, Sorcerers, Eldritch Knights, Arcane tricksters all get Magic Missile which also works but resource efficiency is key.

Melee Is really lousy in this fight, but whose really surprised by that? Sure you can do a lot of damage if you get close to her because of her low AC but that’ll likely have you spending multiple turns dashing around the pit and its honestly not worth it. use Range, its far superior.

If she goes invisible you can break her out of it with faerie fire or even create water.

I haven’t tested out Silence against her but I’m sure that’d be fantastic in combination with something like Web to just lock her in place and easily finish the fight.

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