Baldur’s Gate 3 – Hidden Inventory Management

Inventory Management Tips

There is a inventory management, that isn’t explained in the help section.

Left Click on item in your inventory, Shift left click another item and all items in between will be selected. Then all items can be drag-dropped.

Unbelievable how many single item drag and drop I have done until now. Why isn’t this simple inventory management trick explained anywhere in the game.

You can also Ctrl-click to select different items which aren’t next to each other.

Another good tip is to pick up pouches/sacks/backpacks, load things like potions and arrows into them, and then drag the bag onto your hotbar (you might need to unlock it with the little lock symbol). Clicking them from the hotbar opens the bag.

On gamepad, Right Trigger adds the current item to the selection (like Ctrl+Click), so you can use any menu choice on a whole bunch of things at once.

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