Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Win House of Grief Battle

Guide to Win House of Grief Battle

The Tips

  • Don’t deal any radiant damage.
  • The knight enemies (Dark Justiciars) are the real threat in that battle (90% of the enemy damage per turn). If you can, lock them down with some kind of CC or take them out early.
  • There’s a ring you should have recieved as a reward for playing hide and seek in Act 2 that makes you immune to being blinded, use it on a spell caster.
  • This is a good fight for AoEs (lots of low hp enemies that like to swarm): haste a caster, give them a bloodlust elixir and drop 3 AoEs on them a turn.


Probably the hardest battle of the game. If you aren’t level 12, you probably will want to go do other things to get leveled up.

I ultimately ended up kiting the enemies and back tracking away from where this battle is located. Was able to keep enough distance so that my team stayed alive, and there are a lot of choke point opportunties. I had Minsc, and made very generous use of that spell that makes thorns cover the ground, so that the enemies had to walk through it to fight us. It was chipping their HP down significantly before they even got close enough to attack.

I thought that by kiting the enemies you encounter first backwards and out of that building, that I would be able to at least turn one battle into two — so I could rest between them. But all enemies do end up chasing you as far back as possible.

But with the AoE spells whittling them down, it became a fairly easy battle.

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