Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Survival Tips

In short: Blue portals have easier enemies in them than Purple or Red portals.

Tips to Survive

  • Blue = Easiest enemies (Some waves aren’t ‘easy’ but still likely easier than Purple or Red).
  • Purple = Slightly harder than Blue.
  • Red = Slightly harder than Purple + Boss fight chance.

Though it’ll take longer to complete crystals, the general strategy to having an easier time in survival is to pick Blue portals when possible, especially if you’re low on health. The best times to go for lucrative Purple or Red portals are at full or near full health, when you have the life leech perk (Parasite Drain), when you have 3 supers ready or when you’re in the form of Bebop, Rocksteady or Shredder.

Bonus tip: While in Boss form you can dash cancel their regular attacks (I find this works best for Bebop and Rocksteady), this cancels their recovery animation allowing you to attack again, and you can repeat the process. With this tech you can really mow down high health enemies fast.

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