Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia – Gameplay Tips

Useful Tips

Using Sleepers with high level compared to Sumireko’s will drain your battery faster. I had my Sumireko at level 57-58, picked up/fused some 60+ level Sleepers, and my battery was draining fast enough I could go through all 5 Handheld Batteries before I was finished exploring, and that’s with the slow battery drain upgrade purchased.

My battery drain was reduced as Sumireko was gaining levels – and it went back up as my other Sleepers gained levels, so I think that’s tied to that.

Fuse some low-level Sleepers, then Skill Transfer to them a set of skills that you might want to use on other party members (several elemental skills, healing/buffs, physical attacks + Charge), and save them to Database.

Now you have access to Sleepers with a set of useful skills you can transfer to other party members, and it costs little money to summon.

Lower cost healing skills (medi, himedi) are more MP efficient, good for using on your out of combat healers, even in late game.

There are some things that can be sold for more money than the Sleeper can convert. This may result in extremely early riches.

You may enter the hardest location in the game’s open sections, take control of a sleeper, take its talents, and then walk out.

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