Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Beat the Goblin Camp

Useful Tips for Goblin Camp

There are easy ways to deal with it.

Talk your way into the camp (or save Sazza from execution in the Druid Grove). This way you can gain entrance without a fight. Then here are easy ways to kill the 3 leaders.

  • Priestess Gut

Ask her to help remove the tadpol, she will then move to a seculded room to the left. In the north part of the room is a ledge, cast an illusion spell (lvl 0 cantrip) that will cause her to move to the ledge to investigate…then you push her off! Instant kill and the camp doesn’t become hostile if nobody sees you and she drops her quest items (I don’t think she has great loot).

Note: While you are in the base there are plenty of opportunities to replicate this trick, I knock down around 8 goblins this way which thins out the herd for later.

  • Minratha

Talk to her, if you saved Sazza, she will then reveal the location of the grove, then you agree to help Minratha take it out. She then leaves with half the forces of the camp. Go back to grove, tell Zelvos about the attack and that you are on their side. You will then be able to prepare for the attack (it starts when you blow the horn). There are explosive barrels, pick them up and place them outside the grove infront of the game, roughly just infront of the high ground ledge in a semi circle. (save here incase you place them wrong).

Then place your team on both sides of the gate (high ground) and blow the horn. Minratha will ask you to open to gate, tell her you stand with defenders and the battle will start. You may need to reload if you get a bad initiative roll but typically one spider will start (they are the only threat) then it’s your turn. Shoot the barrels to blow them up and you can typically kill 90% of the attacking army. Focus on any surviving sappers and spiders first, once they are down deal with any stragglers. Minratha will stay on the high ground and do nothing, once everything else is dead just gun her down from the wall, battle won, ez. A

  • Hobgoblin Boss

Once the first 2 are dead, half the camp is empty so it’s easy to mop up (note once you kill Minratha the entire camp will be hostile). I had fireball at this point so I killed the entire courtyard in 1 shot, but otherwise it’s not difficult, most enemies have 8 – 12 HP so can be dispatched with little difficulty and you can take them out one small battle at a time instead of the entire camp at once.

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  1. Yeah, the difficulty really ramps up there. That’s the first place where you need to start looking for clever ways to isolate and/ or sabotage the enemies.

    There are a couple REALLY good vantage points where you can ensure you will have better positioning than the enemy. If you stash a couple archers or casters in these little places, it forces the enemies to split up and deal with your separately… while you safely snipe them.

    There’s also another “trick” to that battle that makes it MUCH easier. I won’t give too much away…

    But I will say that Speak With Animals is probably one of the best spells in the game. I strongly recommend you keep someone equipped with it at all times. There are also a solid number of potions and scrolls around for it.

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