Guild Wars 2 – Tips to Learn Weaver (Ele)

Learning Weaver (Ele) Tips

Weaver is quite a challenge to learn. It might actually help if you learn another elementalist build first in order to get a basic understanding of the skills and traits. In general I also learned my professions best by first trying to come up with a build myself and checking afterwards with the resources (see above) – because this why you try to understand your abilities first and will be able to understand the build guides even better.

Sometimes it is better to be flexible and use a skill based on the actual situation rather than sticking to your optimal rotation. In order to pull that of, you need to actually understand your skills and how to modifiy your build for certain situations if applicable.

Still you want to pull of the rotation, which is just a lot of training your muscle memory with the training golem. And trying to apply it to actual game situations. Don’t be worried to much about following the optimal rotation completly all at once and instead focus on getting the fundamentals right (see above).

Keep in mind, that builds are really depended on the content you are doing. Especially for elementalist you might want to have more survivability for the open world content (where you might end up fighting stuff alone or a pretty random group) than builds for raids/strikes provide, as there you are relying on the group composition complementing you.

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