AdVenture Capitalist – Event Tips and Tricks

Useful Tips and Tricks

  • Start out a brand new event in Knockout Gear or whatever outfit has the best base profit for events.
  • When you collect your first angels, switch to Vam Buyer Attire , Chequered Tuxedo , or whichever outfit you have with the highest boost to angel bonus.
  • When you finish your goals, quickly switch to an outfit and badges that don’t give ANY event bonus before you reset… Collect angels, reset and don’t buy anything before you turn in your goals. Your new goals will be easier to complete if you had this junk gear on when you reset & turn in. Otherwise it’ll factor in your fancy gear bonuses when it decides how hard your new goals will be. Just don’t forget to switch back to event bonus gear!

(The above reason is also why I don’t keep my profit booster running after the first few hours of a new event, especially when turning in goals — Though it can be useful in early stages of event while stacking angels. It just makes goals longer/harder, requiring you keep it going to complete them in a reasonable timeframe).

  • I never turn in the non-elite “make more cash” style goals after I max out everything in an event. Elite cash and angel goals take so much longer to complete than Own/Buy goals, so I usually keep non-elite versions of those unclaimed , so the only elites I get are own/buy style. After you have a certain amount of angels, you’ll no longer get any new angel goals – so that’s still 3 goal slots to work with. You might have to use a boost or two to get enough angels for that to be the case. (Use time boosts with the profit boost running).

Note: I’ve been #1 in event more times than I care to count, including the last 8 or 9 events. Getting bored of game and ready to uninstall and move on, so maybe someone else can get some benefit by my strategies. Good luck.

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