Exoprimal – Useful Tips for New Players

Useful Tips and Tricks

The objective for each task is shown in the upper part of the screen. That may sound obvious to some but with the seemingly complex UI and intense action, it’s very easy to miss the icons that show WHAT kind of dino and HOW MANY you have to beat.

Why am I pointing this out? Because sometimes your team just needs to defeat 1 flying dino, and no one notices that, so you are all wasting time defeating raptors (blue ones on the ground). Be objective: do the objective.

Avoid having 2 Murasame in the team. Murasame is that red samurai with a long sword. Why am I pointing this out? Because Murasame has a shield that you can activate to absorb attacks in order to enhance his sword power.

If you have 2 Murasame in your team, there won’t be enough enemies to attack the shield: none of them will have the sword enhanced in the end, which hurts Murasame’s core gameplay very deeply.

Especially for Zephyr players: if you see Murasame’s shield activated and you see he’s surrounded by a fair number of enemies, stop attacking for 2 seconds (or target other enemies), so you can give the enemies chance to attack Murasame’s shield. Past those 2 seconds, resume your offensive. In the end, it’ll be you and Murasame excelling in combat together.

Tip for Nimbus, keep and eye on 1: how many bullets she has and two, what color her guns are so you can balance offense and support.

Extra tip: memorizing the upcoming spawns makes it way easier, if we know a t-rex or tri is spawning next 1 zephyr saves their OD and swaps to another murasame, double OD murasame + OD deadeye kills one almost instantly, or atleast takes 90% off.

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