Wildfrost – 6x Times Combo

What Is The Best Strategy to Get 6x Time Combo?

You can do a cheese strat if you want a surefire way:

  1. Pick junk tribe. Any leader is fine.
  2. Pick sneezel
  3. Play the game, prioritize money and shops, buy a crown every chance you get.
  4. Once you’ve obtained one of the 3 lumen sources (+1/+2 card, charm, or vase) and 3/4 crowns (depending on if you got the charm) you’re good to go.
  5. Crown junkhead sneezel a junk card, and your lumen card if you have it. (otherwise put the charm on junkhead)
  6. Every fight, keep your leader in hand, lumen the junk head. and alternate between hitting your junkhead and sneezel with junk. You’ll draw your entire deck.
  7. Once you’ve redrawn your lumen (if using it) put it on sneazle.
  8. Kill them with the cards in hand. Try to keep all your deck in hand at once to make your draws consistent, and to speed things up. You can use recycle cards to thin out some of the junk if need be.

You’ll get over 6x on the last boss fight!

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