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Starter Tips for Making the Best of a New Game

You don’t really need to grind, just play smarter: the first 7-8 bases should be able to cover all resources in the game with industrial mining ops. You can set these up very minimally and very quickly, within the first 10 hours of the game.

The only thing you need to grind (or rather, dig) for at the start are about 150 salvage data modules to buy the blueprints for electrical generation (electromagnetic gen, batteries, solar), industrial mining (storage depot, mineral extractor, gas extractor, supply pipe), and then the remaining data modules for your preferred building materials, (for me I just use Base Teleporter(!), doors, cuboids, biodomes, landing pad, wire cloaker, medium refiner, various stairs, short-range teleporter, trade terminal, maybe a storage container or two).

Finally by the the time you have the data modules mentioned above, you’ll easily also have the nanites for a survey scanner, maybe a few other exosuit and multitool upgrades. I also buy the glass blueprint early as I use a ton of glass in my bases.

You can also get many of these blueprints for free doing the starter quests, but it takes longer and may mess up your base organization in the teleporter list. The first base you build will be the first in the list, and so on.

Because of the natural organization of the teleporter list, I usually like to make my very first base the biggest: full farm (comes later, but I build so it can be easily added on), full 0-9 storage container alcove (like the farm, it comes later, but I build the cuboids out so it can be added in a smart way), and then, this planet base will also get all 4-5 resources united to maximize the value of the base. By forward planning the first base, I will have a full service home base that forever is the first spot in the teleporter list. So here’s an example of how my last game utilized the first 8 base teleporter spots, – and through these you get all resources, and these bases will forever be pinned to the first page of your base teleporter list:

Base #1: (Spawn System): Full farm, Full 0-9 storage, multiple refiners, BASE RESOURCES: Galactic Portal, Silver, Sulphurine, Pyrite, Oxygen. (All planets have O2, which is pretty vital, so all first bases should have this resource)

  • Base #2: (Spawn System): Base Resources: Copper, Radon, Dioxite, Cobalt, Galactic Portal
  • Base #3: Base Resources: Cadmium, Magnetized Ferrite, GOLD, Galactic Portal
  • Base #4: Base Resources: Paraffinium, Nitrogen, Galactic Portal
  • Base #5: Base Resources: Emeril, Uranium, Galactic Portal
  • Base #6: Base Resources: Ammonium, Salt, Galactic Portal
  • Base #7: Base Resources: Phosphorus, Sodium, Galactic Portal
  • Base #8: Base Resources: Indium, Rusted Metal, Galactic Portal

Base #9: The Final Interface Portal, (this is only if you finish the Artemis or starter quest line. If you reload it right, you often can get the final interface portal assigned to the portal next to one of your resource bases, saving you from having to put it out separately)

Since each page of the base teleporter displays NINE bases, that means all your important bases are placed first, on the first page.

Easy access is invaluable throughout the many hours of playing you may do later. If you note, I will always get the 4 big gases in resource first as well as Gold and Silver since those either directly can be sold for the most cash value (Gold > Silver), or indirectly by combining the gases for pricey trade goods.

These gas combinations are also vital to get started now also as raw materials for the highest priced trade goods later. These high value trade goods now are what will make you a multibillionaire quickly later, literally in a few cycles of crafting.

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