Wildfrost – How to Beat Shell Witch / Conker Combo

This short guide will help you to understand how can you defeat shell witches and conker.

Tips to Beat Shell Witch / Conker Combo

Conkers can be frozen to delay their turn, and they hit single targets, so you can soak up hits with clunkers or summons. Shell Witches will also die in one hit from an Azure Battleaxe, if you’re lucky enough to get one or two of those.

Conkers have three main counters:

  • Soul flame or whatever it’s called. It explodes based upon remaining hearts not shell. So you essentially can blow up their row multiple times by just reapplying it to the conker guys each turn. Contrary to what the guy above says: don’t battle axe the witches, battle axe the conkers and they will explode immediately.
  • The card that let’s you copy an enemy with one health. As it also gets their shell.
  • Ink, which silences their effect and means they do two damage on their attacks.

As with everything else in this wackily designed game though: if you haven’t got those pray you can freeze them long enough to kill them before they attack.

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