Wildfrost – True Final Encounter Tips

I have beat maybe 6~ times now, Had better luck with clunkers (3x), followed with shaders (2x), and last the snows (1x). I think i had a good luck with clunkers because how potent ink is.

Tips to Complete True Final Encounter

Here is my advice:

  1. Debuff with barrage or multihiters units/skills. Ink and snow are amazing, but even frost, boom, poison, overburn can work pretty well.
  2. You need a balanced team, don’t go full on aggro or full defense, Usually for the most other fights (except for the thorns fight) you can pretty reliable go full aggro and win all fights, but not this final boss, unless you have some crazy shennanigans happening on turn 1~3 with your deck.
  3. Try to make your setup fast. If you can have all the main setup cards crowned and do most of the setup before fight even start. When I first started the game I mostly crowned units, but crowning skills and even some clunkers is better in some setups.

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