Rogue Legacy 2 – Three New Scars (The Swan Song Update)

New Scar Locations

Point of note is that you do need to be on NG+ since you need the ability found in the endgame sequence to get these three.

  • In the Citadel, find the hidden area where you find the damage boost for Lamech. In that area, find the room with the training dummies. The anchor stone is behind the breakable objects.
  • In the first room of Axis Mundi, enter the tower where you find the Echo Boots. The anchor stone is halfway up the tower, getting the memory requires some quick dashing and double-jumping.
  • In the top-right corner of Ladon’s room in the Dry Lake. This looks like you need the Ivy platforms or similar ability, but that’s not true. The anchor stone raises the memory out of the ground, and you can release it at ground level instead of raising it all the way.

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