Park Beyond – Tips for Making Roller Coasters

I was curious about how the ticket fees, fun, amaze, and profits generated when making roller coasters work.

Making Roller Coaster Tips

Sometimes the ticket fee was $30 and sometimes it was $2.

I don’t think Park Beyond has enough goods in terms of management, so I want to make a lot of money using roller coasters.

What One Has Found Out

  1. If the station is short even on the same course, the ticket fee will be expensive, and if the station is increased, the ticket fee will be reduced.

It’s a simple experiment. The roller coaster that I experimented with was 12 dollars for one station and 4 dollars for 10 stations, but the amount of income that I could earn in a month was not much different

  1. A month is about 10 minutes from the start of reality.

If you look at the information inside the machine, you’ll see how many people you can handle per minute, and you’ll get 10 on top of that.

If you multiply it, you’ll get a ticket fee for a month, compared to the maintenance fee at this maintenance.

You don’t have to look at it for a month, but you can simply calculate how profitable it can be when the maximum utilization is running.

  1. If a roller coaster is long, the ticket fee increases.

The longer the course, the higher the ticket fee, the higher the maintenance fee.

Once a customer enters, they only ride once, so in order to increase profitability, it’s advantageous to have a higher ticket fee for one person than for as many people at once. I’m not sure which one is more balanced, of course, except for maintenance

Another thing is that the more fun it is, the better it is to attract customers is in the basic explanation, and if it is profitable, I feel that there is a wider range of adjustments to the price from the basic ticket fee

Each item has its pros and cons, so it feels like we need to balance it.

  1. When you fall, it gets faster if there are more trains on the roller coaster and slower if there are fewer trains.

Even on the same course, there are many trains connected to one train by increasing the number of stations, but you can see that it gets faster when you fall, so you can use it to get a concept, and you can divide the train to control the speed.

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