Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Drops on Lootboxes Explanation

This short guide explains how looting mechanic works with your items and slots.

Explanatory Guide to Lootboxes and Equip

  • Items are treated separately.
  • Every item slot has a maximum power level of 300.
  • Every time you get a new item, the system will check if for that slot it is highest item level ever or not.
  • If it is the highest, the server will save it.
  • You can delete, destroy, trash, upgrade that item, the value wont be changed until you get an item that has higher level.
  • So you dont have to equip anything, server side it is automatically done.
  • When you got a new item, it will calculate your total power level from items, make an average of that value, than make a roll an add -5 to +10 that value.
  • So if you average gear level is 200, the new item you get will be in 195 – 210 range.

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