Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Any Class Tips

Looking to improve your game? Here are few tips below.

Tips to Play Better for Any Class

  • Turn on sound and listen for sound queues so you don’t get backstabbed.
  • Don’t shoot your teammates.
  • Stand with your back to a wall or a corner, but have an escape route for when you get swarmed with elites.
  • Escape route is usually either a drop (you jump down instantly, rats have to climb, giving you several free shots at them).
  • Shield so you can push your enemies out of the way.
  • Or a teammate who will trade aggro with you in melee, or has good enough crowd control to make space for you.

Its just that the most common complaints I hear from people playing the Engi is that he is too weak and gets flanked a lot. But that is just as true for every class if you play it wrong enough.

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