Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Best Way to Get Red Gear

How to Get Reds (Red Gear)

The easiest way is to do Heroic Deeds with friends, take a Legend difficulty deed with 2 Emperor Vaults as a reward but play on Recruit and speedrun the mission The Screaming Bell.

If you like it risky, Chaos wastes on legend you get always 3 emperor vaults. However if you win or not highly depends on RNG and less so on skill, skill still does play a big role but it gets out of hand easily.

They also often take at least an hour to complete, up to 90 (1 hour and 30 minutes) in my own experience with randoms.

However if you LOSE at any point, you only get one chest, and only MAYBE an emperor chest.

If you want more consistency, Campaign is the mode you want to play, if you are good enough at the game, a bad team cant really stop you from winning and in my experience I got a 90% winrate and for full book runs about 85%.

Then if you got a friend, or a willing dude on the internet, you can use a deed dupe glitch and put it on recruit. Deeds can have 2 emperors as an reward so you can spam that deed on Screaming bell and farm them super fast.

However, you cant do this alone and it will be hella boring. At least to me it is.

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  1. For anyone using glitches to obtain red gear, just so you know, that doesn’t make you any better of a player. Those reds are not better than oranges. They aren’t going to make your gameplay any easier. And they for sure don’t make a difference in competency.

    Also, perfect post to block all those who admit to using glitches to level/gear up – I don’t want a bunch of people who ‘should’ have experience in the career they play, but instead have minimal knowledge of how to use them, in my game personally. People like this just ruin higher difficulty runs for others who genuinely enjoy the loop, expecting to get carried. Seen it over and over lately.

    Don’t get this confused with not being hospitable to players, I am always helping people with tips and tricks they hadn’t known before hand. A lot of new people since necro released have joined and required some sort of direction and absolutely love communication in a game made where you COOPERATE with others.

    The best way is whatever way seems the most fun to you. Whether it’s playing the regular game and speeding through legend maps, or playing Chaos Wastes. As stated before the return per time spent is about the same, but one requires more of an immediate time sink. I personally enjoy CW runs more than the regular mode due to the way some things can be changed up based on boons/weapons ect…

  2. Play the game to improve, get reds anyways, then you realize you didn’t need the +1.7% increased crit chance and the 10.19% block cost reduction. Made an alt because a few of my friends that complained about the progression, so for the sake of measuring obtaining level thirty which took less than 32 hours and then full reds (one of each weapon) on every character casually (no books just play). Took a total of 118 hours if you’re lucky.

    The crafting system you have right now will sufficiently function the best rather than the blind chase. Play all the Screaming Bell and Chaos Wastes you want, but the longer journey with your friends make obtaining those illusive weapons satisfactory.

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