Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten – How to Play Shunya

Guide to Play Shunya


Spending points in her HP/DEF is important to keep her alive, but you also want to build up her INT, since that’s where most of her damage comes from. Consider also focusing her equipment on things that improve her DEF to make her tougher.

Hard mode is hard, and you will have to use buffs and debuffs in order to make bosses manageable. Don’t forget to put up Munechika’s DEF/SPR buffs, which make a big difference in terms of damage taken, and you can also have Oshtor cover her to protect her from physical damage. Shunya’s abilities that debuff INT and ATK are also great for making bosses less dangerous, although a little less optimal than the former options since you’ll have to recharge a soulstone after using them.

In normal battles (or boss battles with lots of enemies), her Electric Sparrow abilities are key. Use those to shock as many enemies as possible, then use Mikazuchi and Halu’s abilities that deal chain lightning damage to wreck all of them.

In boss battles, her biggest source of damage is Hanamushi Shot. It deals great damage against single targets, and Hanamushi Shot III will deal even more damage than Mikazuchi’s Phantom Flash if you’re hitting something’s weakness with it. Fiery Net III also does a lot of damage, especially against things that are weak to fire.

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