The Infected – Tips to Use Bows and Crossbows

Bows and Crossbows Tips

After placing the Arrows in the Quiver, you can just press the right mouse button to load and aim your Arrow (no need to press R).

R is used to load Bolts onto the Crossbow, although only for the first Bolt or when you ran out of them and load a new batch.

Be aware that if you choose to make and use a crossbow and are still using the small pack that your bolts are stored in the pack, not in the quiver, thus taking up some of the limited space in the small pack.

Bone arrows don’t break – good for killing scorpions in caves (especially once you have the helmet – which is an awesome piece of equipment).

Plus you can use them to shoot a vambie so they come over to your defences so you can kill them easily (or let them kill themself) and win their loot. And you get your arrow back.

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