Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – How to Beat A Marine (First Chapter End)

How to Deal with Marine

You can kill the marine before he even gets a chance to take an action.

What You Need

  • Officer/Cassia
  • Argentia
  • Pascal
  • Plasma Pistol

How to Do It

  1. Give Officer/Cassia the best talent in the entire game, Seize the Initiative. It gives the character a free turn at the beginning of combat with 2AP and the restriction that they can only use it for officer abilities.
  2. Have Officer/Cassia use Bring It Down on Argentia so she gets to act with 2AP (3 if you got the trinket from the Pirate shop, you can afford it just after reporting to the governor about clearing up all his troubles)
  3. When deciding the positioning of your characters at the beginning of combat, you need to put Argentia all the way on the right, near the squads of minions.
  4. Argentia needs to have the dash ability and use it to get lined up against BOTH squads of minions.
  5. Mow down as many of the minions as you can with a burst, you may have to save/reload for a favorable outcome here. If you hit/killed enough of them and use Argentia’s Furious Recital you will get enough momentum to be able to use a Heroic Ability
  6. End turn for Argentia, then use Officer/Cassia’s Heroic to give Pascal a turn.
  7. Pascal needs to be equipped with the plasma pistol and have the Filtering Protocols talent. The talent will restore 1AP every time Pascal uses the plasma pistol. The plasma pistol’s 1 shot costs only 1AP and the Officer heroic allows him to attack until he runs out of shots. The plasma pistol has 16 shots, so if you save 3AP for a reload(and the next shot after it) you will be able to shoot 32 times, or much more than that if you put Rapid Reload on Pascal too.

TLDR: Pascal becomes a plasma machine gun, goes Brrrrrr.


Despite the Officer heroic saying there is no attack limit, currently I can only seem to fire 11 times with Pascal. He is not running out of AP or shots, but once I fire the 11th shot it won’t let me shoot the plasma pistol again.

This still may be enough to kill the marine, but it isn’t a sure kill.

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