Darkest Dungeon II – The Harvest Child Boss Tips

How to Deal with Harvest Child

The “Immobilize” token doesn’t just root a hero or enemy in place – it also prevents other people from moving into that position. So, let’s say you have a Hellion in Rank 1 – if she uses something like “Toe-to-Toe” and immobilizes herself, it won’t matter if the person in R2 gets tempted, because they cannot push themselves into R1 so long as the person in R1 is immobilized.

Conversely, if you immobilize up-front meat, the Child cannot push into R1 either.

Of course, you might get unlucky. For example, your Hellion can be tempted before she can press Toe-to-Toe, forcing her to eat instead of using her skill, but that can boil down to simple SPD management or debuff resistance. Then, you also have combat items, mobility skills, and plenty of alternatives to consider.

There was a time when PD’s “Indiscriminate Science” could convert the hunger token into healing… or perhaps it still does. It’s been a while since I’ve bothered trying, because the bosses have become a lot squishier since their first integration.

Naturally, the easiest and most brainless method is to acquire The General’s Dream – which stops every hero from moving or being moved – but that’s just the easy route, not a requirement. For now, keep your eye on the turn order and who gets tempted. If you spot someone in R2 being tempted, you can use a mobility skill or a normal movement to push R2 into R3, causing them to simply move back into R2 and take their turn as usual.

Even with all those tips, you may still eat a bit of meat here and there, but with a tiny bit of work, you can turn the entire gimmick into a non-issue and blast the boss with only a few minor nibbles.

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