Horizon Zero Dawn – Tips for New Players (Complete Edition)

A few of my go-to tricks (beat the game many times on PS4).

Newbies Tips

The ropecaster is your friend. It may take a few shots to lock up an enemy but it can really save your bacon when outnumbered or when fighting super tough enemies. It even works on the T-Rexs although you have to make quite a few shots.

If a big battle is coming up- set up the site beforehand. Putting tight clusters of Tripcasters in various places and using those smaller mines you can craft can level the playing field. Even a super-tough enemy will have problems after walking through a 5-layer deep Electric Tripcaster Trap.

Take time to farm extra crafting materials. Some of the larger battles/enemies will have you dumping TONS of bombs or tripcaster ammo and being able to create more on the fly is very important. Also- make sure you always have potions. The herbal healing is nice and all (and should be upgraded on the skill tree, having double herbs is a very good thing) but nothing beats having a bunch of healing potions on hand.

Take the time to unlock the ability to override machines ASAP. Being able to have a machine ally in any given battle makes things a lot better. I’d personally wait on moving the story too far until you hit up a few of the cauldrons (where you get the overrides). And with the ropecaster you can bring down any enemy and then run up to them and turn them.

That’s it.

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