Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – Guide to Space Combat

Space Combat Guide


  1. Trade the Void anything cargo with Imperial navy, get boon.
  2. Get to Dargonus, there’s a colony upgrade that gives you an escort ship.

I’m having so much with spess combat, now not even scared of Dark Eldar. It gives me Battlefleet Gothic Armada feels.

Scraps anything that involved space ship parts that you’re not going to need there are at time we get inferior parts so you just scrap that one.

Put people in the stations in the voidships and during combat try to use their skills, and don’t forget to upgrade the ships not just physical forms also in the skills area as well.

Fire torpedoes each time you’re able too to the very least they’re going to help you distract the enemy fire, they will have to either shoot you or the torpedoes at time they’re so paranoid of the torpedo they will spent all their firing abilities to shoot it down.

Try to think of a few steps ahead based upon the enemy heading, and their ability to turn , so you can probably guessed where they’re going to go within those scope try to get them with either your ship or your torpedo, so if they choose going to turn to left turn, they ether face your torpedo or if they’re going to go right and face you either way think of it like playing chess game but in more fun way.

Use your companions skills to help you get an advantage during combat, some offer the ability to turn more steep, some offer a warp attack , some offer the ability to scan for enemy weakness, use it all to gain your advantage.

Concentrate on one portion of the enemy ship try to get the shield gone after that sneak the torpedo in.. or just out ram the enemy ship on the expose shield part usually it results in you take a few damages but the enemy is going to be destroyed.

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