Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – How to Use a Psyker

Tips for Psyker

Warrior Biomancer: I’m running a chainsword in one hand, a pistol in the off hand, and a staff as swap-to. I have iron arm and Invigorate as my Psyker spells. I’m using Biophysical distortion to catch enemies that live by a small amount of HP, Adrenalin Surge allows me to cast Iron Arm for free on the first turn. Since Iron Arm sticks around the entire combat I jsut always have this on.

Corpus Conversion Makes Iron arm makes Invigorate and iron arm even better. Idira’s Forewarning increases Dodge and parry, Then Cassia’s Reveal the Light increases willpower and toughness. This character can usually kill at least 2 enemies a turn and is hard to kill.

Idira (Ranged Operative Divination): Idira I run 100% ranged. She is either going to use her staff and do a chain lightning or Psychic Shriek depending on the battlefield. I’m using Second Sight to give her attacks more range, Advice and Guidance adds 10 to weapon and skill and ballistic skill until the end of combat the first time Idira applies a buff to an ally.

This makes Forewarning even stronger. Stabalising Factor keeps the Veil Degradation down, and Subtle Manipulation allows me to cast spells even if there’s someone in her face.

I don’t consider veil degradation that much. It goes down by 1 every round, and with Cassia’s Stable Routes you can lower it even more every round.

The main thing is figure out how you want to deal damage, then decide on some tools to help support yourself and others, and use those tools to first support the front line, then the backline. Don’t sleep on the support skills. You’re limited on attacking, and most support abilities last the entire combat. This is huge.

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