Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – How to Buy / Sell

How Does Trading Work in this Game?

You don’t really “buy” stuff in this game the conventional way, because you don’t waste your time on conventional money. Because of your station, you literally own planets, and your money is, for all practical purposes, infinite.

That doesn’t lend itself well to “do I have enough gold/credits for this new sword/gun” as a gameplay mechanic.

Instead, your “currency” is your Reputation (whether a faction is willing to cut a deal and sell you their stuff) and your Profit Factor (a vague approximation of just HOW impossibly rich you are and whether you’re a good bet to trade with).

If those are high enough, “merchants” from those factions will just give you the items. From a narrative standpoint you’re buying them, but from a purely gameplay perspective, it’s more like a separate Commerce XP bar that rewards you with items instead of perks for hitting a new level.

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