Batman: Arkham Knight – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

As the game progresses, Arkham Knight starts throwing more and more enemy types at you in brawls. Shield guys, baton guys, some occasional gun guys, ninjas, brutes, brutes with electrified iron knuckles, medics, and so on. It can get a bit much and, for some people, it makes the melee sections increasingly tedious. It can be difficult to juggle all the different enemy vulnerabilities, achieve a good flow, generate a high combo multiplier, and burn down the foes before they whittle you down. I can offer a few tips:

As long as you’re dodging over people’s heads, you can dodge as much as you want without losing your combo. So if the swarm around you is two baton guys, two shield guys, a giant blade guy, an electrified guy, and you don’t think you can cape-stun or shock one without getting punished… dodge roll around until a window of opportunity opens up. Get out of the swarm’s center and shoot a shock blast at a stun baton guy to knock him to the ground. Grapple an electrified guy to remove his charge. Maneuvering helps.

The faster you can take down the medics, the better. They’ll keep reviving knocked-out thugs and electrifying combatants. Dodge around, whacking soft targets, until you have an x5 charge and then dodge over people’s heads to a medic and punish him for existing.

The AR melee challenges really help. Getting a good score is heavily dependent on building up a high combo chain, and the best way to do that is to take advantage of your dodge rolls and gadgets to break up the swarm and pinpoint vulnerable targets. Once you get used to them, the tactics required by the challenges are directly transferable to the main game.

Remember to use your gadgets. Batman is a gadget hero, and he can cheese a lot of encounters. Are there 8 dudes at a checkpoint? Use the disruptor to sabotage their medic, their stun baton guy, and the two gun blokes in the swarm. Then throw down a smoke bomb into the middle of them, drop / glide into said smoke, and fear takedown 5 guys.

Now you’re down to 3 guys, and you have an x5 multiple… so you can takedown another fellow. 2 guys left, and their equipment doesn’t work because you already sabotaged it. Mop ’em up. If you’re just glide-kicking into the center of the swarm and punching dudes, you’re going to have a much harder time.

Sometimes the game offers clever ways to cheese encounters. For example, there is a ramp near the Elliot Memorial Hospital checkpoint that gives you the perfect vantage point to snipe most combatants with the Bat-Tank. You can whittle the swarm down to one or two dudes before you even have to step a foot in there. Don’t be afraid to explore and look for easier methods.

There was one checkpoint on Founder’s Island that drove me half-crazy. I kept trying to sneak in and takedown foes without getting spotted by any of the six turrets, and it was not working very well. I could remote hack one turret and buy myself a window, but the swarm kept on spotting me. Then I noticed that one external checkpoint wall looked kind of flimsy… and yep, you can use the Batmobile to winch the wall, pull it down, and just blast everything to pieces. No need to lay a finger on anyone to clear the checkpoint.

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