Tiny Rogues – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • If you haven’t, try runs where you HARD focus on two stats – STR/DEX/INT. The third stat can be boosted every now and then of course.
  • My runs went a lot better when I gave up on solo stat builds or a “balanced” build.
  • The traits and keywords are numerous but run defining! These new status effects are completely worth building around.
  • The game will push helpful drops/traits on you based on your current setup. So, if you want a fire build but have a weak fire wand. Keep it for when the game turns it into an A or S- tier weapon for you.
  • Auras are a good crutch if you just want to stop thinking. They scale off level for a majority of their effects and there’s plenty of items that interact with them.
  • I’d say you need at least four or five pieces of meat to have a comfortable amount of str to equip anything. Or you can be a madman and try and roll the trait that reverses encumbrance penalties.
  • And for the love of god, take the soul scarf if not having enough health is an issue. Take every room that refills flasks and I can nearly guarantee you, you will have 15+ hearts by the end of a run.

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