Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Tips and Tricks (New Players)

Best Tips for Beginners

I’m seeing some people are having trouble in the game so, I figured why don’t we all come together as a community to help each other out. I’m not that far in only in chapter II but I picked up on a few things that might help out other players in the game!

Utilize Training System

This might be an obvious one but, some people don’t understand just how important skills are. You can have a character that is level 14 but, if their weapon skill is low they won’t deal much damage to characters that are of the same level. It is important to have a character weapon skill close to their level ! (preferably you want their skill to be the same level as them.)

Spend Your Goth!

you get around 30K early into the game, utilize it! Their are so many useful items one can pickup from the start but I’ll list some very useful ones here!

“Mend Leaf” I try to have about 10 of this item if you have the resources +1 Mend Leaf is much better in terms of healing. Keep this on your characters. You’d be surprised how much difference some healing can make.

“Grimoire Exorcisme” Bought like x8 of this item before the fight with “Nybeth” this came in extremely clutch especially being that I only had two characters that knew the “Exorcism” skill.

Make sure to prepare properly before selecting a mission. Once you select a mission there is no way to back out of it! You’d best have everyone equipped proper. Try to make sure all of your unit’s are not the same element type either. If you have to, use charms to change their typing!

These are just a few things that I think will help newer players out, If you have any tips for newer players please share them here! This game is not easy we need all the help we can get!

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