Mortal Sin – Double Divine Radiance Tips

The OP Setup

The OP setup is two divine radiances where you whirlwind with one, and then weapon swap and whirlwind with the other to maintain invincibility + offense as long as your durability allows it. This is not really necessary though you can do just fine with the Ram Dao + Hundred Man Slayer utilizing whirlwind combos and the Charge special ability, just takes a little bit more skill.

For example, Kick -> Bash -> Swing combo (i.e Tempest) gives you a fast way to get into whirlwind. Then you can utilize Charge after the whirlwind ends (which is also invincible) to stay invincible and keep up the offense, then cancel charge with a Tempest combo again. This is a very simplified strategy since there are several ways to whirlwind but hope that helps get you up and running.

Some useful skills are Juggernaut (increased whirlwind duration and damage) and Iron Grip item skill (reduced weapon durability damage so you can spin more freely).

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