Tiny Rogues – How to Get +7 Weapon Achievement

+7 Weapon Achievement Tips

  • I did super hero with super rich.
  • Buy gun, upgrade to 3, illegal gun parts, super illegal gun parts, reroll enchant in tavern until you get ‘twinkling’, then you need 1pt from somewhere else.
    • Note: there is legendary armor that give +2, epic gloves that give +2 to 2-hand weapons, kissing the frog event gives +1 charm, some accessory gives +1.
  • Mystic doesn’t need to find an item as twinkling gives +2 for them, they can also use something other than gun if you find a +weapon level item.
    • Note: You do need a lot of $ to re-roll enchants for twinkling, take 20g enchant & +20% legendary meta-progress, then farm gold.
  • It is theoretically possible to get to +13 or +16 or something‚Ķ

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