Necesse – Beginners Tips

This isn’t a game where I think you’d need to know a lot to get started, but there are a few tricks I find useful.

Tips for New Players

You can take anything you want from an NPC village and nobody will say anything. This is a great way to get free beds early on when you don’t have a lot of wool. Of course, you can also get free wool by killing the livestock in the towns you’re looting. Other things to take: Farm plots/seeds, an anvil if you find one, and the contents of every chest you see. You could take everything from the walls to the floors but it’s not that time-efficient past a certain point, so I just take the stuff I can’t easily make after chopping down a tree.

Anvils can be found for free either in villages or sometimes in caves. Carpenter benches sometimes appear in caves as well, saving you from wasting iron.

Raiders attacking your town will start off weak but get stronger as you complete more quests for the elder. So if you’re worried your townspeople are too weak to fight back, hold off a bit on doing any quests until you’ve geared them up a bit. Killing the first boss who you summon aboveground over and over can be a great way to get some strong armor for your townspeople early on. I also like to give them strong ranged weapons with piercing effects like the quartz staff as they become available.

Once you reach the desert cave, don’t move on until you’ve found the accessory that gives you 2 extra dashes. It’s insanely useful against late-game bosses.

But really, even if you didn’t know any of the above you wouldn’t be in for too rough of a time. The game is designed to be easily learned as you play. You even have a crafting book you can keep with you to check recipes as you go.

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