Settlement Survival – Clothes Tips

Clothes deteriorate over time, so you will need constant production.

Tips for Getting Better Quality Clothes


The higher quality the clothes, the longer they last.

There is also a Tech upgrade to increase clothing durability.

Tips to Get Constant Production

For early game, use Hunter’s Hut to get alpaca wool or eventually find Alpacas for your collection. This is Random and will take some time. Same with using Gatherer’s Hut to eventually get cotton seeds.

Worst case you can trade for the Alpaca or Cotton seeds later on.

Plant flax or cotton as early as possible – one or two fields seems to work okay. Then use the mill to make cloth & tailor for making rough clothes. No matter what you do, there are likely times your peeps will be running around complaining about clothes.

Gatherer’s huts function better in wooded areas so build away from the town. Same for the hunter’s hut.

Use the map (M) to keep an eye out for the leaf icon that indicates a seed might be available. Send peeps to gather plants around that location. If you’re lucky, your peeps will find good seeds early in the game.

Sometimes hunters might collect a cub, but it seems really random. Too many hunters seems to deplete the free ranging animals.

You also need traps in your hunters hut to better your chance to capture animals.

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