BattleBit Remastered – Quick Tips for Choosing a Class

Choosing Class Tips for Beginners

Medic all the way, and if you like blowin things up, the engineer.

Medic is the current go to class since it has self healing and access to SMGs which are also the current meta weapons to use (this is intended to change so don’t get too attached).

I’m absolutely not that good at this game, but mostly manage to keep a positive K/D and spend a lot of time trying to defend points as well as take them.

A big tip I have is to check your map constantly. as this will tell you where your teammates are, where the objectives are, which objectives are yours vs the enemies (you in blue, enemy in red) and lastly, where your teammates are dying so as to anticipate enemy movements.

Expect to die, a lot. Don’t rush yourself around the place and don’t peak windows for too long because you will get shot by a sniper pretty quickly.

Always reload when you’ve got half a mag or less, because you’ll need it. In quiet moments, take the time to combine magazines and also utilise resupply boxes to replenish ammo.

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  1. Positional awareness is something 99% of FPS players take for granted thanks to games like Halo, Battlefield and Call of duty providing minimaps and radars, and even in THOSE games they often don’t pay good attention to them and use the information wisely.

    Your personal class preference is going to be just that: Personal. A few pointers on what kind of style you like would be helpful.

    A lot of the classes can multi-task or have various subclasses within each. Like medic can be an AR toting mid-range support, a backline if you will.

    Or you can run SMG, be a battle-medic and be the guy to sweep rooms and blast through squads like a hot knife through butter.

    Engineer can focus on being anti-building, anti-infantry, a vehicle-repairing support infantry, anti-vehicle, and so on.

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