No Man’s Sky – Useful Farming for Beginners

Useful Farming Tips

Farming is boring? What about farming nanites? How do you get them? Just a tip for beginners.

First, farming can be much less dangerous than other activities. Second, farming can help both for credits and nanites. But how to capitalize easily?

Choose any planet where you can stay without climate, predators or enemies constraints. Paradise planets are surely the best for it. Craft some Creature pellets and find some cow-like creatures to feed. (E) to feed and (E) to milk. So you already got some milk. Heptaloid wheat is also easo to find, get some too. You will now need to learn how to craft a Nutrient Processor. The blueprint is available both at the Space Anomaly and the Construction Research Station.

With your Nutrient Processor, your wheat and your milk:

  • Wheat = Refined Flour
  • Milk = Cream
  • Cream = Churned Butter
  • Refined Floour + Churned Butter = Pastry
  • Pastry = Pie Case

Now, you can put anything on the Pie Case. My personnal simplest recipe is Cocoa Tart, obtained with impulse beans transformaed into Bittersweet cocoa in the Nutrient Processor. Pie Case + Bittersweet Cocoa = Cocoa Tart. Please note that there are much more complicated recipes, but they won’t give much more than the simplest recipes with 2 ingredients.

Here’s the reward for such a simple craft, that you can do on the side while protecting from climate for instance: each Cocoa Tart sells more than 50k credits, but can also be offered to Cronos at the Space Anomaly for 40, 70 or 129 nanites (the most likely is 129).

Not so impressive? Ok. So let’s say 50 of them.

50 Cocoa Tarts = 2.5M+ credits or 5k+ nanites.

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