Chained Echoes – Tips for Raminas Tower Elevator Boss

How to Beat Raminas Tower Elevator Boss

Just buff your defenses, Glenn for Ultimate, or save for Amalia Ultimate. HP regen on, use Viktor’s HP shield when low, debuff her, kill duplicates as you say.. etc.

You can only hit her a couple times if you time it right because she adds more mirror images to herself if she’s out of them, so I just wait till Balthruz or Glenn can hit her hard, or whoever your DPSer is. Everyone else is just there to keep up TP and Defense, and hit her images.

Use a multi attack obviously to quickly take down her images. I think I used Glenn, Sienna(blind skill also), Bal, Viktor/Amalia. But maybe Have Sienna switchable with Amalia to put on shield aura with Viktor out there too for double healing power. She basically would do no damage to me with all buffs up.

I would hit her for like 2k+ with Balthruz and Glenn when I got the chance, didn’t take too long to win.

UPD: Also one thing I had done previously was switch up the weapon sets between every character and go farm quick levels in the Desert against the horses and Sand sharks, so I got all those nice permanent stat buffs for maxing out proficiencies. Makes the fights a lot easier.

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