No Man’s Sky – General Tips

Here are some tips and tricks i’ve learned. I mostly play on survival with most things maxxed.

Tips and Hints

If playing survival mode or permadeath, don’t repair your scanner right away, just install a Analysis Visor. this will make your hazard protection last for 20+ minutes on one bar, until you fix the scanner. The visor will have the ship on the compass.

Wanna make ground combat a joke? get the paralysis mortar. Right now it has no cooldown and you can basically perma stun packs of sentinels. I personally don’t use it as it feels busted as hell and OP as hell.

Bolt caster in a supercharge slot will let you demolish all waves of sentinels to the point they disable, just keep moving, also use 3rd person as for some reason it has much less recoil in 3rd person view than 1st person. Get the barrel Ionizer as well, the burst cooldown it has is a huge dps boost.

You can loot Buried Cache, Ancient Bones and Buried Tech modules without needing to dig them up if you use first person view, assuming they spawned close enough to the surface, ones on Sides of hills are only a 50/50 chance you’ll be able to loot it, those often spawn too far in, but if the ground is genearlly flat/slightly curved you can most likely loot it. Good early units. Unsure if this is intended or a bug, Might be removed next patch.

Early game, I suggest buying a new ship, any ship even a C-tier as long as it has a supercharge slot, stick a weapon in it.

Here is the location of ther first 3 super charge slots in the exosuit, when you go to upgrade you can click what slot to open, I reccomend you open these 3 first. They are static and are always in the same spots.

Wanna find a lush planet to live on? get annoyed going from system to system? Use the catalog, select star bulbs, and if there isin’t a planet in your current system with them, it’ll highlight one on the galaxy map the next nearest one, only downside is it doesn’t say if it has aggressive sentinels or not, you have to go check that part out yourself. Another way, is to do the mission take a picture of a tropical world, this will also lead you to one.

For your sanity on survival/permadeath lower technology damage to minimal, its so stupid how any hit no matter how full your shield is can randomly break things. Can’t count how many space fights I had to reload because the first time they hit me it takes out my main weapon or the q-resonator that makes the infra-knife good. in a freighter rescue battle even if you restore your shield everytime you get hit once, your prob going to end up with half your stuff broken with it set to challenging with enemy strength on challenging also early game. IMO it shouldn’t be able to be damaged till the shield drops but thats me. I leave it on challenging though as I like the pain even if it makes no sense. I also play with purchases set to expensive so the base price for Wiring looms is about 200k, So nice finding a system that has them at -45% or something.

The enemy AI in space fights cheat, no you can’t fix this right now (that I know of), just learn to deal with them shooting out the back of their engines or doing a 180 degree turns on a dime. That and the fact they don’t suffer any of the speed penalties you do in most cases which means they are hard to run from.

If you find a system that sells say wiring looms cheap and you wanna keep it that way, don’t buy any from the terminals, buy them from the ships that dock as they sell at the same price usually and it doesn’t effect the systems global price for that item.

When mining a resource deposit with the terrain manipulator, set it to the smallest size possible, as you get the same materials per click no matter the size of it. Mine a pyrite deposit with it at max size? your gonna walk away with 20 pyrite, now do the same with it set to the smallest size? your walking away with 500+ on Survival. Yes the diff is that big.

Yeah this is long but thats about all I got for now that I can think off of the top of my head. Just stuff i’ve figured out from playing the game and doing research.

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