No Man’s Sky – Tips to Farming Crashed Ships and Freighters

Useful Tips to Farm

If you plan to spend alot of time farming crashed ships and freighters in the same system here’s my pro-tips:

  1. Buy at least 10 distress charts (5 for the setup+however many sites you want to salvage).
  2. Land on a planet that is NOT the one you want to farm on.
  3. Set off 5 distress charts (5 is the minimum to located all the POIs).
  4. Visit and salvage the crashed freighter site.
  5. You should have 2 crashed ship sites located, fly to them but only land if the site has a distress beacon there… salvage the ship.
  6. Now goto the planet you wish to farm.
  7. On this planet every distress chart you pop will only ever give a crashed ship you can claim or a crashed freighter (the other existing POIs are noted as ‘off planet’ so they won’t get in your way).

Note: The POIs found by charts but not visited survive a reload… so you can continue with (7) over multiple game sessions.

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