No Man’s Sky – Tips to Finding Last Species on a Planet

Finding That One Last Species on a Planet

The two most common “last fauna to find” would be Rare Underground and Rare Underwater.

Rare Underground:

Most commonly found at cave entrances around POIs, but can be “burrowers” and actually glitch through the terrain onto the planet surface. Walk around above ground and point your visor down as you walk. You’ll be able to spot the red dots underground, then just tunnel down to them.

Rare Underwater:

Usually a predator. Find deep water, I find it helps being at least 500U from any land mass.

Some further explanation of the Discoveries table hints:

Each species will list several factors to assist in locating them and you need to use the data in the top right of your analysis visor to be in the right place at the right time.

  1. Rarity: Common / Uncommon / Rare

How often they will appear. This will also determine the base value of the scan (rarer pay more). Note: This is also factored by the planetary overall Fauna setting (Full, Rich, Generous, Abundant, Ordinary, Deficient etc – a common creature in a sparsely populated planet will seem rarer than an uncommon creature in a fully populated planet).

  1. Location: Ground/Flying/Underground/Underwater

Self-explanatory. Where you will see the fauna.

Notes: Low-flying (e.g. butterflies) are classed as Flying. Tunnellers (e.g. the spiral creatures that go above and below the surface) are classed as Ground. Crabs are Underwater.

  1. Time active: Always/Diurnal/Nocturnal (Mostly)

Diurnal (daytime) and Nocturnal can both appear at dawn and dusk, otherwise pretty self-explanatory. Don’t try searching for a Diurnal in the middle of the night. Those marked as “Mostly” can rarely appear at any time.

  1. Hemisphere: Found in the North/South

Defines what hemisphere the creature can appear in. You only need to be over the equator (+ latitude for North, – latitude for South) you don’t need to be anywhere near the north or south poles.

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  1. go to discoveries .. hit esc and then the fauna and it will tell you in the list if the missing one is in water in the sky or on or under the ground some will only be in the southern or northern half of the planet it will tell you if so …… then spend a lil time scanning for minerals and plants and voila as you not destroyed anything incl plants and minerals for a bit you will see more of the animals ooh and some are only daytime creatures … GL hunting

  2. For a underground creature I had read somewhere that you need to enter 3 caves, but I am not sure it is/was valid. Also the POIs are a good suggestion. I am at a point that I usually avoid to look for it since I don’t need it

    For a flying/ground creature, just wandering around seem to be enough. Eventaully just leaving/reentering the atmosphere seems to help.

    For a underwater creature I found out that often it spawn as soon as I go more than 50 u deep in any body of water. (no terrain manipulator use)

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