Mind Over Magic – Dancing with Friends (Silver Trial)

Dancing with Friends

Dance with more then 6 students or adults in a room.

I have two enchantophones in one room with enough luxury to make it one of the recreation room types and one block of recreation just after eating at the start of the day.

I have the staff and students on the same schedule, except an extra block of recreation at the end of the day for the students.

I usually have five staff (not counting the starting ghost staff) and 6 to 8 students. Mine usually get their medal by the second morning they are in the school.

It did not work that well for me until I made sure both enchantophones had their full fields and that everyone entered the room to dance about the same time.

If they have to come from all over the school/area they seem to not count towards the number dancing long enough to trigger the medal.

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