Mind Over Magic – Tips for Room Requirement System

Useful Tips for Room Requirement System

I doubt the rescrictions are going to change. That is what seperates games like this from others. I have played the demo and the release for hours now.

What I have found to be helpful in planning is this:

  • Make a list of the rooms you know you want, plan ahead.
  • Start by making your walls 10 stones high, overkill sure, but there are alot of rooms that need to be lofted.
  • Use the spiral stairs cases!!

Here is an example of a simple base that I’ve done for staff rooms:

  • X is the room and each of those can be a private room.
  • SC is the stair case.

All those Xs on the bottom is the ground floor. The devs have made it very easy to remove and rebuild.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and build wanky at times.

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