Mind Over Magic – Basic Tips (Demo Test)

Tips to Basics

  • You send students to a quest on a trial completion (you can make a staff from them or send to a quest).
  • If you have wand, you need to summon a student. You don’t need to research anything from what I remember. You need a minimum of two students (preferably of the different type) to successfully finish a trial (at least at the beginning).
  • You need to research the rice and then plant it.
  • Building (on the ground level) is easy, you only need two walls and a roof (and hallways/doors). It’s not very complicated or tedious – except maybe placing the lighting. Building higher floors is a little harder (removing the roof by fragments).
  • If you worry that you “lose research ticks”, then pause immediately and go to set the research. The research needs staff to operate, so sometimes you will lose the “ticks” anyway., when operator go to sleep or to eat something.
  • Villagers are not NPCs. Quests send freshly graduated students out into the world to these Villages in order to help out and produce a reward.
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