Mind Over Magic – Combat Builds + Tips

Combat Builds

First, if you missed it, in the wand shaper building there is a wand designer tab, letting you make custom wands. You’ll need that for the following builds. Also, the numbers I use is from tier 2 wands.

By far the most useful tip is the following:

Have someone with water attack, which is the standard healing spell, and have someone else adjacent to them with lightning defense, which buffs the healing from 3 to 7. If you really want to make everyone immortal, place the healer in the middle, with lightning defense on both sides, which boosts the heal to 11.

If you have a reserve character with lightning defense, that buffs the character in the 3rd place, even though the reserve doesn’t fight.

If you have this setup, the skills of the other characters can be basically whatever. Feel free to experiment.

So far my best build is the following. It’s so strong, that tier 1 wands can beat the tier 2 dungeon no problem:

  • 1. Water / Lightning
  • 2. Air / Lightning
  • 3. Air / Lightning
  • R. Whatever / Lightning

With this build you have 7 healing each turn, and 4 times 13 damage from air, which oneshots almost everything. Don’t worry about the low health. The healing can keep up with the damage.

There’s a fun problem with this build though. If you place water in the middle, you kill stuff so fast, you actually get killed, because the healer never gets their turn to heal. The way air attacks work is they both hit once before the normal turns begin.

And on the normal turns if the 1st one is an air mage, that means 3 air spells get fired before the healer gets their turn. Since all rooms have 3 or less mobs, that means you can often kill them all without getting any healing. This is why I usually place the healer in the 1st place. If you use tier 1 wands, water in the middle is fine. Your dps won’t be high enough to oneshot.

Another fun immortal build is this one:

  • 3x Air / Nature

Nature defense heals you by 3 each time you cast. Air casts twice per turn. That is 10 dmg and 6 health each turn for each character. Damage is crap, but you’ll out heal everything, so it doesn’t matter.

A bit more flashy and diverse build is this one:

  • 1. Water / Lightning
  • 2. Dark / Lightning
  • 3. Fire / Lightning
  • R. Whatever / Lightning

Dark in the middle makes a really nice 13 dmg AOE room clearing splash. The only reason for fire in 3rd place is that I want to see dark kill everything at once. If it was air, it would kill 1 mob before that. Otherwise air is better dps. Earth and nature are fine too. It doesn’t make much difference.

Finally, there’s an unexplained mechanic hidden in the social tab. If two characters entering the dungeon are friends or rivals, they will get either +5 hp or +5 dmg depending on their placement. Friendship starts above 50%, and rivalry below – 50%. I’ve no idea if we can influence this at all.

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