Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

A Few Quick Points

Neutrals ARE dangerous … but manageable. They guard areas and usually won’t pursue you very far. Neutrals form tribes (usually of neutrals of the same type) and will attack any nearby player unit when they have been enraged. ALWAYS expect that a larger area has at least some guards roaming around. If you see an artefact there are also enslavers around. Do NOT attack enslavers if you can’t finish them off in one or two turns.

Frag grenades are extremely efficient in dispatching weaker neutrals like kroot hounds – and generally weaker infantry units with many models.

Combat Tips

Cover – such as outposts, city tiles, ruins and forests are very important because they reduce incoming ranged attacks. Melee ignores cover.

Units often have more than one weapon which which they will attack. Pay attention to the various effects and ranges listed in the weapon tooltip … e.g. a unit may cause far less damage if it can only use one weapon due to range … or because its melee attack can’t harm a flying unit. Note that overwatch attacks are usually only made with ranged weapons.

Each model in a unit will deal damage … so a wounded unit that has lost models is less dangerous – also important for grenades.

Always try to retreat and heal your units if the situation is too dangerous. Healing is most effective on city tiles … and a little improved on outposts, too.

Thinking of outposts: don’t forget to buy items from the trader encampment with your heroes. Armour and weapons make them far more formidable. If you play Orks, buying items is especially easy – as you gain influence simply by fighting stuff (did I mention that Orks are great?).

Economy Tips

As Space Marine, don’t forget to drop ugly fortresses of redemption next to outposts. That way you get the percentage bonus from them for your city (usually only available when you claim the outpost with a city) instead of only the flat bonus.

Note that the bonus of regular tiles affects EVERY building you build on that tile that can harvest that resource.

Loyalty is less important for Space Marines (as the loyalty penalty for multiple cities doesn’t bother them), but you should still learn what it does. Positive loyalty speeds up production /resource production (percentage based, so less important for smaller numbers), negative loyalty does the opposite.

The gear symbol bonus – production resource – will speed up the production of any production building placed there (including that builds buildings) but is worthless for pure resource harvesting buildings.

If you think your build times are too long – build more unit production buildings of the same type (when you can get one, on a gear bonus tile).

Population is extremely important as every building needs one – unless you deactivate it. More space for free population => faster population growth.

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