ACRES – How to Make Money Easy

I gotta say, at first play, this is fun and amusing game. It took some tinkering and I found a good way to make a profit. Here are a few tips that might help you as well.

Easy Making Money Tips

I’m very OCD and I like aesthetically placed items, mostly a grid pattern.

Tip 1

I use the 1 row tool(1×8) to lay down my field. Since I only use the 3 row machines (Plow, Planter, Harvester, etc) I have a 3×16 field and I have 6 of these(will tell you why further down). I like to keep a min 200+ of each crop in my storage, so its easier to sell on contracts.

Whenever 1 type is low, I plant the entire 3×16 with this crop. This is totally up to you on how you want to do it. The contracts I tend to pick are 40,000+ complete them right away without delay.

Tip 2

This is a huge money saver.

Don’t waste money on nutrients. only water the crops if necessary. Whenever there is a tile in my 3×16 lot goes into the red calling for nutrients, this usually means other lots will soon have this problem and/or low on other nutrients.

Instead of the cost of using the machine AND paying for nutrients of EACH [/u] tile (this adds up), I simply sell the entire 3×16 lot and replant it. Now it wont be at 100% for each nutrient, but I never seen is below 75%. Now if you have a tone of fields, this might not work, as selling process is 1 tile at a time, this can be really annoying, which is why I keep it to 6 lots of 3×16.

I find this method a lot cheaper then spending money on the nutrients and the machines to spread it.

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