Library Of Ruina – Final Reception Tips

Here are a few tips for final reception.

Help with Final Reception

  1. Don’t let Gebura clash with any of Zena’s pages

Exceptions: Birdcage (doesn’t have power null on it).

Also, you can use Focus Spirit against “Thick Line” because it’s just one attack -> Focus Spirit will mitigate damage and is guaranteed to hit

  1. You can just let some of Zena’s attacks one-side you while you beat up Baral.
  2. Victory is either surviving enough turns OR staggering one of them – usually Baral
  3. The fight is almost entirely fixed. The only random elements are Roland’s deck* and where Zena and Baral aim their attacks – after the first two turns anyway, turn 2 when Geb shows up, Baral will always aim at Roland and Zena will always aim at Gebura.

Note: Roland’s starting hand is random while Gebura’s starting hand and what she draws is fixed… and I think Binah’s deck is fixed too. Not sure about that, but it isn’t that big of a deal for her.

The ideal start for Roland is to have Old Boys to mitigate the damage and Durandal to help with the next turn, but not as necessary.

You can and should be using Focus Spirit every turn and landing the hit. RNG can kinda screw you over.

Good luck.

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