Melvor Idle – Useful Tips for Summoning

Summoning Skill

Summoning is confusing compared to the other skills for sure. I’ll try to share what I can to help.

As far as I understand, unlocking marks has a chance to occur when you are performing an activity that grants XP for the parent skill it is associated with, or gain XP in that skill via combat for combat skills.

Unlocking marks can take quite some time, don’t expect to bang all of them out in a session. Some are easier than others. Dragon took quite a while to get and then max out relative to some others for me as well. I feel like (based on nothing) that dragon is a lower chance than other combat familiars to get marks because every single combat action you take grants HP XP, albeit, very little.

Once you have unlocked the mark at all, the first time, you do not gain any more marks until you have crafted at least one tablet for that mark. Those tablets can just sit in your bank, and do not need equipped/used to meet this requirement

However, equipping the mark while performing an activity that gives XP for its parent skill doubles or triples the mark drop rate, i dont remember which.


  • Any fish type will give fishing marks, as long as you are catching fish
  • Bear Marks for herbalism are only from crafting potions
  • Prayer marks are only gained when spending prayer XP in combat
  • Slayer marks im hazy on, whether its just killing monsters that give slayer XP (which give slayer XP whether or not you have a slayer task for them, as long as theyre in a slayer area) or if you only get marks while doing a task. When maxing out Cyclops I made sure I just did slayer tasks to cover both bases.

Regarding higher chance/higher XP items/activities, i have a theory based on nothing but confirmation bias that higher XP or mastery XP awarding tasks have a higher chance for marks.

This is based on no factual evidence other than my trying the mentioned method of banging out cheap/easy/faster items/enemies to burn through marks but felt it was a step backwards.

This would also possibly explain dragons seemingly slower rate of mark discovery, as XP per hit for HP skill is much lower than XP per hit for the standard combat skills.

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